How Do I Get My 3 Members & Customers

Getting free Body Balance® is easy. It’s something you already do every day – share the products you love with the people you care about. We offer resources that help you share Body Balance and the GotMy3 opportunity in whatever method is most comfortable for you. Click on the links below to discover the many resources we offer to support your sharing in person, over the phone, and via the internet. Whichever method you find easiest to get your three Customers, we walk with you every step of the way. We want you to get your Body Balance free!

Ready to enroll and get started?
  • First, enroll in GotMy3, and simply place an Autoship order for at least one Spark Pack. Click on the “Get My Business Now” button or download the Registration Form and mail, fax, email or call in your order to your local Customer Service Department.
  • Next, get your products free by enrolling your three. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Finally, help your Customers get their Spark Pack(s) free too!



Go To My Virtual Office
Current Members and Customers can click the Login button to access their Virtual Office. Login with your Life Force ID and password.
Ready To Start Your Business?
Becoming a Member in Life Force’s GotMy3 program is easy and rewarding. Click on the green Enroll button to enroll and place your Autoship order now.
Ready To Order Your Product?
Order through Life Force’s GotMy3 program is easy. Click on the blue Order button to place your order for delicious Body Balance Spark Packs now.